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Openend Poly Bags (2MIL)






Shipping Supplies


$7.25 $5.60

Carton Sealing Tape



Carton Sealing Tape

2X110 TAN 1.8 MIL.


Openend Poly Bags (2MIL)




The PAC101 promise is simple: we offer hundreds of thousands of high-quality packaging supply products at affordable prices, and our team of experts is always happy to answer any questions you have.
Don’t take chances with your packaging supply needs. For nearly 30 years, companies from every industry have trusted PAC101. You can, too.

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We Have Every Packaging Supply Product You Need

Our inventory literally has hundreds of thousands of packaging supply products that are ready for delivery at a moment’s notice.
During the past three decades, we’ve gotten extremely good at knowing which supplies our clients require and which brands manufacture the best options. No matter what you need, we know you’ll be happy with your purchase because of the high standards we hold ourselves to.

Shipping Supplies

If it matters what your company is shipping, it matters what shipping supplies you use.

The right packaging products are essential for ensuring your shipments reach their final destination in the same condition that they left your distribution center. Pack and ship your products with the wrong materials and your company will end up paying for it later in refunds.

Your company may also pay for it – dearly – by losing dissatisfied customers.

Pack and ship your products with the best possible materials, and you’ll make the right first impression with your customers, as well. You’ll show them that you’re not just interested in selling them products. You’re also invested in going the extra mile to make sure their orders show up in one piece.

At PAC101, we have a large selection of packaging products to choose from, so no matter what you need to pack and ship, you’ve come to the right place.

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Some of Our Most Popular Shipping and Supplies Products

The following are some of the most popular packaging products in our inventory:


Shipping Supplies


$7.25 $5.60



$35.00 $30.00

Filament Tape

2″X 60 Filament Tape

$4.89 $2.25
$4.89 $2.40

Safety Products

Things don’t always go as planned. Every successful company knows this and, therefore, does its best to prepare for scenarios when things go wrong.

Packaging items for shipment may seem like a benign task, but it’s actually capable of causing all kinds of injuries. Aside from the obvious issue – you don’t want anyone to get hurt – even minor cuts can be enough to slow down your company’s packaging practices.

This is why our packaging supply company sells more than just the materials you need for shipping your products. We want to make the practice as safe as possible, too.

It’s also why we keep the prices so low for these delivery packaging supplies. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to outfit their companies with the products required to keep their employees safe.

Don’t let someone get hurt or your shipment timeline to get unnecessarily delayed. At PAC101, we have everything you need to guard against these risks and keep your shipments moving as smoothly as possible.

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Some of Our Most Popular Safety Products

Need help knowing where to start? The following packaging supply products have been very popular with customers who value safety:

Maintenance Supplies

Another way to make your business as safe as possible is with the right maintenance supplies. Properly maintaining your property is an incredibly easy way to keep people from getting injured.

For example, something as simple as replacing a halogen spotlight with a fresh bulb will help people see where they’re going and avoid obstacles in their way. You can also use colored duct tape to make sure people see potential risks or to hold them out of the way (e.g., taping up wires).

You can use something like a sweeping compound to make it much easier to keep your warehouse clean. Along with helping you sweep up dust and debris, this powerful compound will improve your indoor air quality, as well.

Of course, maintenance supplies are also about protecting the investment you’ve made in your company’s property. It doesn’t cost much to keep these products on hand, but they could end up saving you large sums of money down the road.

Best of all, they couldn’t be easier to use. So, at the prices we charge, there’s literally no reason not to keep your company stocked with the right maintenance supplies

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Some of Our Most Popular Maintenance Supplies

If you need some recommendations for maintenance supplies, the following products are among our most popular with customers:


Maintenance Supplies


$8.70 $6.40

Poly Bags

If your company is like most, you can never have too many poly bags around. Poly packaging products have become a staple across numerous industries. They can serve a number of different purposes, but most of our customers use poly packaging products to protect their items while they go through transit from things like:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Moisture

Many of our customers simply use them for storage purposes, too. They’re also great for displaying your products.

We know that different customers need poly bags for all kinds of various reasons, which is why we carry two different sizes.

Our inventory also includes zip lock varieties that can be sealed shut and reopened time and time again.

Whichever you choose, the poly bags we offer are manufactured using virgin resin, which means the FDA approves of using them for storing food.

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Some of Our Most Popular Poly Packaging Products

Are you in the market for poly bags? Below are some of the poly packaging products our customers order again and again:

Openend Poly Bags (2MIL)



Openend Poly Bags (2MIL)



Openend Poly Bags (2MIL)



Openend Poly Bags (4MIL)



Openend Poly Bags (4MIL)



Openend Poly Bags (4MIL)



Openend Poly Bags (4MIL)



Openend Poly Bags (2MIL)



Corrugated Cardboard and Paper Products

Corrugated cardboard has many uses. The vast majority of our customers use this durable, affordable material for separating layers on skids. It provides a sort of insulation that protects against unnecessary damage during transit.

The properties of corrugated cardboard also make it a popular material for inside packaging, which is yet another way it will keep your products safe while they’re being delivered to your customers.

This is what our paper products are used for, too. As far as void-fill packaging goes, there’s no better option. It’s incredibly easy and fast to use. At the same time, it’s not going to overburden your budget if you need to use a lot of it.

What Is Corrugated Cardboard?

You’ve probably seen corrugated cardboard countless times before. Corrugated cardboard products are some of the most popular in our entire inventory and have been for years.

However, some customers come to us only after they made the mistake of ordering ordinary cardboard, not realizing that the corrugated version makes a huge difference.

So, because we’re all about education here at PAC101, we thought we’d take a moment to briefly explain what corrugated cardboard is.

First, corrugated cardboard is a completely different material than plain cardboard, so it’s not a minor difference.

The defining feature of corrugated cardboard is that it’s actually made up of three different sheets of container material. This material is essentially a thicker version of paperboard.

Corrugated cardboard consists of a middle sheet made with ripples that are sandwiched between two outer sheets. These three sheets of material are glued together using a thick layer of a starchy glue that is common in the packaging industry.

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Some of Our Most Popular Corrugated Cardboard Products

While we are happy to recommend you corrugated cardboard products based on your company’s unique needs, here are some popular options to consider, too:

Corrugated & Paper Products



Corrugated & Paper Products



Corrugated & Paper Products



The PAC101 Difference

At PAC101, we don’t just want to sell your company packaging products. We want to sell your company the right packaging products.

Since 1991, we’ve worked hard to become more than just a packaging supply company. We strive to educate our clientele, so they know which products will best serve their business goals.

Need Help?

We know that an inventory as large as ours can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we also pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service.

Whether you need help finding a certain product or don’t know where to begin with your packaging supply needs, our team is here to help.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (833) 872-2101, email us at info@pac101.net, or fill out our simple contact form. We’ll respond with the information you requested ASAP.

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